Enable Artist Slideshow in Kodi

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This article refers to XBMC Gotham 13.2 but also applies to the successor Kodi Helix 14.0

The Plugin “Artist Slideshow” will download and show alternating background images of the currently playing artist during audio playback when you are in full screen mode. If for instance you connect your TV set and a stereo system to your Raspi it will give you an enjoyable screensaver effect when you are listening to your playlists with multiple artist. The artist’s images will cross-fade into the next one around every 20 seconds.

Install and configure “Artist Slideshow”

  1. First we have to install the Artist Slideshow add-on which is available from the main menu Programs – Get more... Also select and install the below listed add-on Artist Slideshow Helper from the same menu.
  2. Standard configuration of both of the add-ons is ok and can stay as it is. I only recommend to enable the debug-messages in the settings menu to get a better feeling when, and wether at all, artist fanart is downloaded during music playback. These setting can be deactivated later again if the plugin is working fine.
  3. All the background fanart of the artists is managed by your Kodi-skin (and not as one might think from the add-on directly or the skin’s screensaver etc.). Unfortunately Chorus, the Kodi standard skin, does not yet support Artist Slideshow during music playback. So you will have to look for another skin at System – Settings – Appearance – Skin, I recommend to activate OSMC skin which came with your standard Kodi installation.
  4. In the Skin – Settings menu you can now activate Artist Slideshow (in OSMC skin you will find this at the Background section). You also better go and deactivate your screensaver – if any is configured go and select None at Appearance – Screensaver – so your holiday pictures do not appear during your artist slideshow.
  5. That’s it: Now when a song is playing and you switch to full screen mode (using the Back key), artist’s images and fan-art will be displayed and blended into the next one. The add on will show you some information if there is any fan-art available for the current artists and if it can be downloaded using pop ups. Have fun!

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